SJPII Earth News!!!

The SJPII Environmental Club has been working very hard to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the Earth.  During the month of March, our club members created posters, presentations and announcements to encourage everyone to participate in the global Earth Hour event on Saturday, March 24th, 2018.  Here at SJPII, we celebrated Earth Hour by turning off our lights and electronics on Friday, March 23rd from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.  But our work continues as we head into April….Earth Month!  Stay tuned for new announcements about ways to help protect the Earth.  SJPII will be participating in a neighbourhood clean-up.  We will also focus on getting outdoors to engage with nature, walking/biking to school and creating less waste.  Although our campaign focuses on Earth month, we encourage these activities all year round.  Together we can make a difference!

EARTH WEEK ACTIVITIES (April 16th – 22nd).

Earth Day, April 22nd is fast approaching!  To raise awareness about the importance of caring for the Earth, the SJPII community will be participating in a variety of activities during Earth Week (April 16th – 22nd).

Monday, April 16th: “Clean Up, Green Up Monday Kick-off”  – SJPII will be helping the Town of Richmond Hill do a little spring cleaning!  Classes will take turns collecting litter around the school and nearby areas over the next week.

Tuesday, April 17th: “Trash Free Tuesday”  – Students are asked to bring a litterless lunch. Reusable containers, utensils and lunch bags are encouraged!

Wednesday, April 18th: “Walk or Bike to School Wednesday” – Students are encouraged to walk or ride to and from school with their families.  Take some time to enjoy the great outdoors!

Thursday, April 19th: “Go Green Thursday” – In celebration of our commitment to caring for the Earth, all SJPII students are invited to wear green.

Friday, April 20th: “Earth Play for Earth Day Friday” – Outdoor, unstructured free play is important to connecting kids to their inner nature and surrounding environment. Everyone is invited to get outside and have fun!

Every action taken helps to make a greener world!