Boogie Dance Co.

SJPII welcomes The Boogie Dance Co.

Boogie Dance Company was founded by Andrea Mercer and Lara Oulahen   (Raptors dancer/choreographer). 

The Boogie program is fresh, hip, fun, diverse and inclusive.  While having fun, dancers will develop dance technique, confidence, creativity, teamwork skills and leadership qualities.

Andrea and Lara have danced with thousands of kids and hundreds of adults and are extremely passionate about giving people an outlet with dance and encouraging people to use dance as a positive way to keep active.

Andrea and Lara are also passionate about mental health and anti bullying and use the Boogie Dance community to promote a strong growth mindset within every participant.  These themes are weaved seamlessly into the dance instruction to help people with their mental health, while also learning to dance.

Boogie Dance Co. will be here from February to May dancing with our K-8 students.