CSC Present Chris Vollum ~ Social Media Fitness

We are excited to welcome Chris Vollum to present to our parent community on September 19th.

Chris Vollum is a parent and a widely-recognized educator on numerous social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat and Periscope.

Chris believes in inspiring an individual’s potential with a positive, interactive experience …and that is exactly what he has been doing for the past 11 years to more than 600.000 students, parents and corporate participants. Our Junior and Intermediate students looked at ‘on-line’ life through a different lens today and they, along with their teachers, thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.

Chris is passionate about the remarkable potential of Social Media. He inspires people to take what they do every-day online, and transform it from average to AWESOME by creating  meaningful content – content that reflects value, respect and relevance.

“Listen ~ Connect ~ Engage ~ Influence” are Chris Vollum’s four core beliefs around Social Media. Through these 4 core beliefs Chris helps young people …and adults… take the necessary steps to positively answer  the question…

“How is your Social Media content contributing to your future?”



An interactive, relaxed (sometimes hilarious) and user-friendly session, the parent experience invites participants to bring and use their smartphones and tablets to gain new knowledge about the social apps and platforms that their kids use to define their identities, personalities and reputations. The session is roughly 70-90 minutes in length and includes time for Q&A.


Tangible takeaways; Parents will walk away with clarity, confidence, joy and new skills on how to knowledgeably support and discuss both the benefits (of which there are many) and risks of social apps and platforms with their children. This experience celebrates and empowers parents to move forward into using Social Media in a manner that eliminates fear and uncertainty.