Change to the morning drop-off routine- Effective Tuesday, Sept.26th

Map of SJPII Morning Drop-off Areas

York Region Police came in last week to observe and provide recommendations for a safer drop-off routine as students arrive to school between 8:05-8:20 a.m.  There is a much SAFER alternative, but it requires the cooperation of EVERYONE.

Current Situation:

Currently, students are being dropped-off in the larger parking lot (lot ‘A’ in the attached diagram). Students walk through the lot and across the roadway to the sidewalk.  Walking through a congested parking lot is not safe. Effective Tuesday, September 26th, please DO NOT drop your child off (or walk them through) the main parking lot.


NEW- Safer Drop-off Plan


On Tuesday, parents/guardians will be directed to drop their child(ren) off using the Kiss N Ride loop directly in front of the school.

  • The pylons will be moved and the ‘loop’ will be open.
  • Students should exit the vehicles (preferably on the right side) and proceed directly to their yard via the sidewalk.

The sidewalk provides direct access to both the kindergarten yard and the path leading to the Gr.1-8 yard.


‘Rules’ for a Safe Kiss N Ride/ Drop-Off Loop

  • Drive slowly. Patience and cooperation ensure student safety.
  • Single lane of traffic only. Do not pass vehicles in the drop-off area as students exit vehicles from both sides
  • NO PARKING or prolonged stopping in the Kiss ‘N’ Ride. It is simply a student drop-off area. This isn’t the time or place, to write a note to the teacher, check your child’s agenda, phone/text; or wait and watch as your child walks down the path to the yard. Staff are on duty to supervise and assist students.


Where do I park if I want to walk my child to his/her yard?

If you wish to walk your child to his/her yard, please park in lot ‘B’ (smaller lot on the east side by the park/playground). Park in Lot ‘B’ to safely access and walk your child along the sidewalk. This ensures students are not crossing in front of vehicles driving through the Kiss N Ride.


What happens in Inclement Weather?

If it is raining or extreme cold temperatures in winter, students should use the drop-off as outlined above. However, instead of going to their yard, FDK students will go into the school through their own gate/door and Gr.1-8 students will be directed through the main door of the community centre where they will access our school from the atrium. Staff members supervise students inside during inclement weather.


Your support and cooperation to ensure a safe drop-off area for students is greatly appreciated.


Let’s work together and keep all the children safe.


Yours in Catholic Education,

Susan MacDonald

Principal, St. John Paul II CES