WE Day 2017


We Day 2017 was an amazing and inspiring event. We all are so  happy that we were granted the opportunity to attend this one in a lifetime experience. We had the opportunity to see some amazing speakers and performances including; Prince Harry, George Takei, Lily Singh, Hedley, and our favourites -Marc and Craig    Kielburger! All of the speakers had so many things to say, encouraging us to follow our dreams and take on new tasks to change the world!

It was inspiring to see that so many young people were doing fantastic things such as beginning their own charities to support hunger, education, homeless, and so much more. It taught us that we have to take action no matter what our age is.  We are going to return to the Leadership Committee this year and we are hoping to take what we learned from WE Day and bring some of their fantastic causes to St. John Paul II.

By: Brooke B., Xarnah S., Yangling T., Sydney G., Amy Y., and Cara C.