Remembrance Day Ceremony & Post Cards for Peace

Our Remembrance Day Ceremony was held on November 10th and it was a very touching and moving experience. We thank Mrs. Poupolo, Mr. Facca’ & Mrs. Gruppuso and their classes for facilitating the liturgical service.  It was a very meaningful and moving ceremony for this solemn occasion.

Post Cards for Peace… Mrs. Acchione’s Class

Our Grade 2 Class sent messages of appreciation to Veterans who have served in the past and to Canadian Armed Forces members who continue to serve Canada in times of war, military conflict and peace.  We remember and thank our Veterans for their sacrifices, so that we can live in a beautiful peaceful country like Canada.  “A Poppy is to Remember”.


Post Cards for Peace…  from Gr. 6

This year, in Mrs. Fonseca’s class, we decided to try and actually talk directly to the soldiers and thank them. So we wrote postcards to the veterans. Every single person wrote one, and we sent them off to them. We hoped it would bring a smile to their face and maybe brighten their day a bit. The cards were for soldiers who have fought in wars to defend Canada, and are now in the hospital or maybe they have severe wounds. We really wanted to thank them for all they did, and let them know how amazing they are and how we are very thankful of their  bravery, and courage. We wanted to take that extra step, to let them know that we are very thankful for what they did.               by: Aurora