Anti-Bullying Week

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week. We’d like to call it Pro-Compassion Week. Our school-wide focus continues to be acting with kindness and compassion.

In September, Chris Vollum’s on-line presentation encouraged students to act with integrity. To apply their values before they post a message by checking: does it represent who they are and how they want to be known; is it kind; is it compassionate; is it true.

In October, Fr. Brian Kerr encouraged students to ‘let their light shine with kindness’, especially to those in need.

This month, we take a closer look at what acting with kindness and compassion ‘looks like’ in our daily interactions. We are introducing two school-wide initiatives.

  1. Reach Out & SMILE’ initiative. SMILE is an acronym for: Say hello, Mend friendships; Invite, Listen, and Express appreciation. The attached flyer provides some of the examples that classes will be focusing on.
  2. We will be spread good news during morning announcements by recognizing students who were “Caught Doing Good”.

Reach Out & Let Your Light Shine With Kindness